Online German Course

Online German Course

Knowing German provides education, employment and career opportunities in German-speaking countries. Germany offers a large number of higher education scholarships for students wishing to study there. There are special applications for a special work visa for foreigners and a work permit. It increases your chances of working with German companies in your country or other countries. A good command of German makes you an important employee for an internationally connected employer. In addition to being the second most used language in the world in the language of science, Germany ranks third in the world in the field of research and development. Also, knowing German gives you more information because German is the common language used in media, communication and informatics.



We provide online German lessons for students who want to learn German or study in Germany. Our classes are arranged with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 people. Our courses are taught online as private lessons by our experienced, fluent German speaking teachers who have graduated from this field. You can participate in our trainings from beginner level to the highest level C1. Each course lasts about 8 weeks and includes a total of 100 course hours. Each level is 800 ₺ (Turkish Lira), but if three levels are taken as a package, it is paid in 2000 ₺ (Turkish Lira).


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