Nursing Project

Nursing Project

There is an important staff shortage in the health sector in Germany. We are carrying out some projects to solve the healthcare staff shortage in Germany. In this context, we would like to cooperate with you on a project basis…

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We send high school and university graduates who want to become nurses and healthcare professionals to Germany from Turkey and Eastern European countries. In addition, there are some conditions that these people must meet first. First of all, they need to learn the German language. With our nursing project in Germany, we provide online German education through our experienced and qualified teachers. Thus, our students can complete the German A1, A2, and B1 levels in their home country.

It is a project that provides job employment in Germany for nursing graduates. First of all, your language school application is made. Visa application is made with the acceptance of the language school. In Germany, your education from A1 level to B2 level takes 8-10 months. By taking an online course before you go, you can bring your German to a certain level and complete the process faster. Language training while completing your application for equivalence Germany equivalence of course you get done in Turkey. This application process takes about one and a half months. If you lack training courses or do you study in Turkey, when you go to Germany, the missing course or internship is completed. When your lessons and language school are finished, we will help you find the institution you want to work in.


There is a nice volunteering project for those who want to continue their profession as a nurse in Germany. This project will continue until January. Requirements for those who want to participate are a B1 German certificate and a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Especially, recruitment will be made for intensive care, pediatric care, and nurses of special elderly patients. Within the scope of this project, your accommodation and travel expenses are covered for 6 months. The contract is made for 2 years. You will have a gross salary of 2500 € and a net salary of 1800 €. In case of equivalence in Germany, you will have a gross salary of 3300 € and a net salary of 2750 €. Which cities will be determined according to the demands. You cannot be charged because it is a volunteering project.


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