Doctor Project in Germany

Doctor Project in Germany

If you are a doctor and want to work in Germany, we have a project for you. One of the countries with the best health systems in the world is Germany. You can continue your profession as a doctor in this country, which has excellent opportunities for both living and working. You must have at least a five-year undergraduate degree in health, which is required to participate in this project. The process proceeds as follows: A meeting is held with you in your own language. If the meeting is positive, the contract is signed. In addition to this, since you will live in Germany, you must have a good command of the German language. By signing the contract, you agree that you must learn German at B2 level. Then, your equivalence procedures are started and after you have done your equivalence, you will continue your profession in Germany, just like German doctors, you can earn between 120.000-250.000 Euros per year…

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Diploma equivalency processes examine whether the person who wants to study abroad with a diploma can do this in the German education system. The person sends us their documents to start this important process. Documents sent to us are delivered to the competent authorities for equivalence. When your diploma equivalency is completed, you will have a diploma that is at the same level as a diploma of a student graduating from a German University.


It provides consultancy services regarding the necessary visa documents during the visa application process.


Your accommodation close to where you will work is recommended by us.

Health Insurance

Your insurance will be made by our company in cooperation with contracted insurance companies.

Immigration Law (Germany)

There is currently a deficit of approximately 1.2 million employees in Germany and this deficit will increase with the increase of the elderly population. For this reason, a new law called the Immigration Incentive Law was prepared for immigrants coming from countries outside the EU.

In accordance with the decisions taken in this context, a special unit will be assigned within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Germany. The process of recruiting qualified immigrants through this unit will be accelerated. Likewise, visa procedures will be accelerated for the recruitment of qualified workers. Professional education and diplomas of incoming persons will be recognized and no requirement to speak German at a high level will be required.

But the doors of Germany will be open only to those who qualify as experts.

Who’s considered an expert?

Both university graduates with recognized equivalence in Germany and qualified vocational school graduates with recognized equivalence.

Those who certify that they have a qualified vocational education but do not yet have a business contract in Germany will be able to obtain a six-month residence permit to seek a job. Job seekers will be able to work up to ten weeks for trial purposes or do an internship during this period; The prerequisite for this is knowledge of German at B2 level and having enough money to earn a living.

The migration of experts from non-EU countries will not be limited to the definition of “jobs with shortage”.
Among the professions sought are doctors, psychotherapists and healthcare professionals, IT specialists, engineers, and construction sector technical staff, aviation and space technology experts, mechatronics, electrotechnics, energy technologies, and other professions from mathematics, informatics, natural sciences, and technology.


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