Ausbildung Project

Ausbildung Project

Ausbildung is a type of education (vocational training) common in Germany. It is a vocational training (technical training) as well as an internship (practical training) program. The main purpose of this program is for students to be able to apply the knowledge they have learned instantly…

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  • Spends 2 days a week at school and 3 days in internships.
  • Ausbildung is the Germany provision of education in vocational schools in Turkey.
  • An Ausbildung training lasts 3 years.

The prerequisite for participating in the Ausbildung program is knowledge of German at B2 level. The company for the internship is found before you go to Germany. In order to apply to a company, two CVs are prepared in English and German. In addition, a B2 German certificate is attached to it. The field you want to work or an internship place that you are interested in and where you can improve your skills is provided by us in the best way. While you complete your education, you earn approximately 900-1100 € per month from the company you work for, and this amount can more than meet your monthly livelihood. In addition, as the Goint Career team, we will be able to provide you with Ausbildung positions related to your field, thanks to our connections with the companies we have contracted with.


Priority on cities is given to the cities desired by the candidates. If ausbildung can not be found in the desired city within the process, the choice is made according to the places where approval is received.


With our services such as equivalence, finding an internship place, visa documents, accommodation, insurance, bank account, German language course; we guarantee that you will spend this process at a correct and professional level. As Goint Career team, with our expert consultant staff, we’re with you on your journey lasted up to Germany from Turkey.


Your high school degree or equivalency process is done by us from Turkey to Germany as soon as possible. After returning to Turkey in the equivalence of training you receive in Germany you can apply to the YOS.


As the Goint Career team, we will be able to provide you with Ausbildung positions in your field, thanks to our connections with the companies we have contracted with.

Visa Consultancy

Your visa process will be carried out meticulously with the consultancy of our teammates regarding visa documents.


When you go to Germany will be welcomed by our team.


We will find an accommodation close to where you will study and internship and will be recommended to you before Ausbildung begins.


Your health insurance will be meticulously made for you by the contracted insurance companies.

Bank Account

We will assist you in this procedure with the consultancy of our teammates in Germany.


It is a project that high school or undergraduate graduates who want to become healthcare professionals in Germany can participate. In Germany, Ausbildung in the field of health is not divided into fields.


They help patients eat and care for the body, give their medication, measure their blood pressure, or change their dressings. Healthcare and caregivers work in hospitals or nursing homes. They check the health status of the patients and assist doctors during examinations or surgeries.


After completing their training, elderly care workers can work in a nursing home, day and short-term care institutions, homes with special support, outpatient care services or in hospice care institutions.


Study as part of the nursing undergraduate education in Turkey can be study in the context Ausbildung 3 years in Germany. When you return to Turkey, you can easily do your equivalence transactions.


Each student participating in the program pays 300 € upfront.
If the general amount is requested to be paid in advance, 1800 € is paid.
If you want to pay the general amount in installments, it is paid as 2000 €. The remaining amount is paid as 300 € divided into months after starting the internship.


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