Standart Account

University Admission
We make your university registration with your high school diploma and YOS exam result and send you the pre-acceptance document via Goint Career as soon as possible.

Health Insurance
Health insurance will be meticulously made for you by the insurance companies we have contracted with. The insurance period is 1 year and the fee belongs to us.

The diploma equivalency process is the equivalence examination of the diploma in the Turkish education system with the foreign education diploma. Your equivalence process is done by us for you.

Visa Consultancy
As Goint Career, we provide consultancy services regarding the necessary document arrangements during the visa application process.

Flight Ticket Booking
We reserve the most suitable ticket for you, we save you from the stress of searching for tickets and wasting time.

Transportation Service
When students come to Turkey met at the airport by our teammates. They help the student reach the city where he/she will go. If there are at least five students, transportation to the destination is provided comfortably with our private vehicle. Bus tickets are provided by us for students less than five.

Tomer Consulting
As Goint Career, we provide you with consultancy services regarding what documents are required when you go to the Tomer registration and where and how the procedures will be carried out. Each student placed with a high school diploma is required to study at least two courses and our students will have the opportunity to pay the Tomer fee at a discount. 3 courses Tömer payment is paid by us for you.

Residence Permit Consultancy Service
As Goint Career, we prepare the necessary documents meticulously and carry out all residence permit procedures, including the residence appointment, and the application process carefully.

General Consultancy
If the standard package is preferred, our general consultancy service will last for 1 year. In this process, we are happy to be with our students and to offer our services to them.

Dormitory Consultancy
There are rooms for 1 – 2 – 3 people in your dormitory, your own bathroom, toilet, desk and garden, pool, gym, wireless unlimited internet. Also, breakfast and dinner are free. You can reach the school by bus and on foot in 5-10 minutes. We can advise you on finding a dormitory and provide consultancy. We pay 6 months dormitory fee.

Language Courses Consultancy
We provide foreign language course consultancy for students who will study their department in English. For students who do not want to study English prep, we provide consultancy services regarding the placement test and exemption exam.

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